Keto Snacking 101

Our friends at the Diet Doctor have compiled everything you need to know about keto snacking and what to avoid. Here’s a synopsis:

The Good: meats, cheeses, nuts, above-ground veggies and low carb dips 

The Bad: bananas, grapes, lattes

The Ugly: chips, donuts, candy

Need some snack time inspiration? Try some of these classic keto combinations:

  • Slice of cheese with celery, cucumber, radish or wrapped in lettuce

  • Celery filled with cream cheese, natural peanut butter, brie or other soft cheese

  • Slice of cheese smeared with butter

  • Slice of salami and cheese, rolled together

  • Slice of bacon smeared with peanut butter

  • Piece of dark chocolate smeared with butter

  • Shot glass of heavy cream

  • Spoonful of crème fraîche

  • Spoonful of butter, ghee or coconut oil melted into coffee or tea

  • Cup of Bulletproof coffee or Keto hot chocolate

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