Dr. Jason Fung shows Fasting Finally Breaking Through


At Life In The Fasting Lane, we are becoming fully immersed in the world of fasting but it wasn't too long ago that we thought it sounded crazy. Fasting sounded like a fad that sounded dangerous and haphazard. Once we started fasting and discovered the health benefits so rapidly we were shocked. In the article, best-selling Author, Dr. Jason Fung, shows how fasting is finally breaking through into the mainstream consciousness.

A New Therapeutic Option for Weight Loss


Most diets concern themselves with the question of ‘What’ to eat. Fasting focuses on ‘When’ to eat. You can add fasting to any of the other diets, whether it is paleo, keto, vegan, or whatever. Adding therapeutic options for weight loss can only be a good thing.
— Dr. Jason Fung