Ketogenic Kickoff Eats

Keto football eats

Because we all want a social life

We live in Texas. We love football. We are also keto and most gametime go to munchies are not keto friendly.

It’s no secret that the most successful diets are those that fit your lifestyle and can be easily adapted to YOUR life. If you are constantly avoiding social interactions, dinners out, etc. - it doesn’t set you up for success.

If you’re attending or hosting a watch party, here are some ketogenic items to bring with you:

Main Course

  • Bunless burgers

  • Bunless hot dogs

  • Chicken wings

  • Brats, meats, anything to throw on the grill

  • Fathead pizza


  • Pork rinds and salsa

  • Pork rinds and queso

  • Pork rinds and guacamole

  • Pork rinds and pimento cheese

  • Pork rind nachos

  • Assorted meats and cheeses

  • Nuts

  • Veggies and ranch tray

  • Veggies and almond butter

  • Deviled eggs (with bacon and guacamole)

  • Shrimp cocktail

  • Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers


  • Loaded broccoli

  • Cauli mac and cheese

  • Mashed cauli ‘potatoes’

  • Roasted veggies

  • Prosciutto wrapped asparagus


  • Keto ice cream

  • Keto cheesecakes

  • Keto fat bombs

  • Berry and dark chocolate tray


  • Flavored sparkling water

  • Mocktails

  • Lime/lemon wedge in water

  • Sparkling wine

  • Red wine

  • Zevia (stevia soda)