Q&A: Fat Bombs

Fat Bombs

Questions and Answers

Q: What is a fat bomb?

A: A fat bomb is a keto-friendly snack, loaded with fats from ingredients of your choice - butter, cream cheese, nut butter, coconut oil, etc.

Q: Why do you need fat bombs?

A: Because they are delicious. Also because they are a simple way to add fats to your diet when you aren’t getting enough at meal time, as a snack to tide you over between meals, or, my personal favorite: when you know you are about to be around foods you shouldn’t be eating, eat 1-2 beforehand and feel more satisfied // less tempted to eat those dreaded non-keto foods.

Q: What goes in fat bombs?

A: Fat base + flavor enhancers (vanilla, salt, stevia, cocoa powder, etc.) = fat bombs. Meaning, basically you can customize them as you’d like, minus sugar and other non-keto ingredients. There are many recipes on the internet, but here’s our favorite (buz it’s easy + delicious):

  • Equal parts butter and nut butter of choice (1/2 cup each makes about 12 mini muffin size bombs)

  • Salt, vanilla, sweetener of your choice to taste

Here are some other fat bomb recipes: chocolate peanut butter, chocolate coconut, buttercream

Q: How do you make fat bombs?


  1. Melt butter in double boiler

  2. Add nut butter when the butter is 60-70% melted

  3. Stir occasionally to ensure equal mixing

  4. Add in salt, vanilla, sweetener if needed

  5. Keep over heat for a few minutes to ensure flavors are equally mixed

  6. Distribute into mini-muffin tins or ice cube tray (we like to use this thingamajig)

  7. Store in freezer until ready to eat!