Feminism & Fasting

Feminism & Fasting

It’s About Choice

Being a woman is interesting. It comes with a set of unique challenges but in the end, to me, women empowerment is about choice. Eating foods that make you feel poorly is a choice. Exercising or taking a nap is a choice. Fasting or feasting is a choice every single time.

I've met Megan Ramos a couple times and I enjoy this angle she is taking in this piece about women and fasting. Megan is one intelligent scientist but she is also an empathetic female human which I value just as much. After years of treating people to find their way with fasting and watching them have astounding results with their health and weight loss, she is ticked off by the doubt. And why shouldn't she be?

Fasting is a choice. It might be the best answer for you. It might be the worst choice you could make. But, it is a choice and as women, it seems that the choices we make are tainted by doubt. Often this is doubt coming from our family, friends or co-workers. Other times, this doubt is coming from within our own minds, second-guessing our own choices.

I want to encourage you to be an empowered woman in all areas of your life. Try fasting if you want to and gain the knowledge from the people you believe in. Remain honest and aware of the effects it has on your body and mind and decide for yourself if fasting is something you want to add to your health routine. Don't decide to fast at a time just because someone else is doing it. Empower yourself to fast if it feels like a good choice for your body and mind and feel free to fast with a partner in life or a friend online for added support.

Gathering knowledge and support from others is a fantastic idea. Letting someone else make decisions for you is unacceptable!

Every woman and man should make their own choices to optimally condition their body and mind. Only you have the right to make choices for you.

Read Megan’s article here.