Aldi’s Now-Famous Keto Bread

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Aldi’s Now-Famous Keto Bread

Have you had it? Where did you find it? Tell us all about it.

Aldi’s Now-Famous Keto Bread is a huge hit among keto and low-carb dieters, so much so it’s flying off shelves and we can’t get our hands on it.

This review from The Kitchn makes us feel some kinda way:

The slices aren’t dense or dry like lots of other options out there. In fact, they’re the opposite — light and moist! (Sorry.) They’re both a little chewy (in a good way!) and the Multiseed has real seeds and a sweet, nutty flavor. The slices are a little smaller than most conventional bread, and the whole wheat is smaller than the multiseed, but it’s still bread! For keto dieters!

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Photo credit: The Kitchn