An interview with Hanna and Bitte, founders of The Low Carb Universe - Episode 14


Eve and Levi sit down for a chat with Hanna Boethius and Bitte Kempe Bjorkman, the founders of The Low Carb Universe to discuss their journeys to health and how LCHF has changed their lives.

The Low Carb Universe hosts international low-carb events in Europe bringing well-known and rising figures in the low-carb community together to share their knowledge about all aspects of the low-carb lifestyle.

The events are interactive with both presentations and workshops allowing attendees to explore the information in more depth.

Eve will be joining Hanna and Bitte in November for LCU19 at the Hotel Espléndido, Puerto de Sóller, on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca, Spain.

For registration information and more details visit the LCU19 website and if you can join them, use the code EVE during registration for 10% off your registration fee.

Learn more about LCU at their website, on Twitter (@thelcuniverse), YouTube, and on Facebook.