How to Outfit Your Fabulous Shrinking Body While Fasting!

So you have become a bit of a fasting pro and your body is reshaping itself by the minute. What’s a girl to do when she steps into her closet and everything she puts on looks like a sack?

Step 1 - Rejoice!

Look at you kicking all the fasting butt. How magnificent that your body is getting stronger and healthier. Although the changes in your body make a new wardrobe somewhat overwhelming, don’t forget that this need for new clothes is because you are succeeding!

Step 2 - Say No to Crack!

Stop wearing those pants that are falling off and exposing people to your booty crack. You are not a plumber. Ok, maybe you are a plumber in which case, nice going, because I hear that plumbers make bank. The message here is no one wants to see you in sloppy clothes that are falling off your body and exposing undies and body parts.

Step 3 - Seize the Day!

You don’t have to redo your entire wardrobe every time you lose a few pounds. Take it slow and do it step by step. Make this a celebration and reward yourself with a new skirt instead of what you might have done in the past like rewarding yourself with an extra cupcake. (Perhaps that was just me . . .)

Step 4 - Let Go of the Old

No more hanging on to those clothes that are too big now thinking you might gain all the weight back some day. That is self sabotage and it is not ok. You are in control and letting go of the past is essential in believing in your successful future that you are in charge of.

  • Offer the clothes that don’t fit anymore to a friend or relative.

  • Check for stores in your area that buy used clothing for cash or credit at their stores where you can buy used clothes.

  • Use online services like Poshmark to sell high end items that no longer serve you.

Step 5 - Rent As You Go

My body continues to change as I lose weight and workout. I do not like going to shop for clothes at all so I rarely do it - ever. Instead I use services that allow me to rent clothes as I go. This also allows me to pretend to the outside world that I have a massive wardrobe. In reality, my closet has jogging pants, t shirts, jeans and maybe three nice items. I wear a dress for an event once or twice and then I send it back and get something new. When you use these services, you also have the option to purchase the clothing item to keep it permanently but I never do that.

I haven’t tried yet but I have heard good things about it and I hope to soon. I started off with and I really enjoyed the service. I don’t know much about fashion but even I could recognize that they had super swanky and fancy fashion brands on their site which was fun to wear. You select how many items you want out at a time, pick the items you want to receive and they ship it to you. You try it on and if you don’t like it, you can send it right back. If you like it, you wear it as many times as you wish and then ship it back. was nice and fancy but I was disappointed in the availability of plus sizes so I decided to cancel. I’ve been meaning to check it out again that I’m now in a size 10-12.

I love GwynnieBee. This service started out being exclusively for plus-sized women and then expanded to women of all sizes which I really respect. All of the pictures you see of me here are in dresses from Gwynnie Bee. You can sign up here for your free first month and $10 off you next month. If you don’t like the service, cancel before the first month ends and you don’t ever have to pay anything.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t ignore the progress you have made and the incredible changes your body is going through. Show yourself and the world the new you by wearing clothes that fit and make you feel amazing. Don’t wait until you reach the “perfect” weight because you look wonderfully imperfect to me just the way you are!

Here are some of my favorites from GwynnieBee: