Dr. Fung: "Everything You Know About Bacon is Wrong!"


You read that right, B A C O N. Let us explain… 

Fasting is a lifestyle. 

It’s easy.

It’s free.

And, unlike everything you’ve tried before, it actually works.

Picture this: you wake up feeling clear headed, bright and happy… You get ready for the day, arrive at work and knock out projects like it’s no big thing. Midday rolls by, you stick to a cup of green tea, coffee, bone broth or good old fashioned H20. Then, when it’s time to break your fast (aka eat), you dig in and enjoy a high-fat meal (including - you guessed it - BACON)!

To maximize your fasting benefits, you’ll be intentional during your eating window. Keeping it low carb will lower your insulin levels… and allow your body to burn up that unwanted (and harmful) fat storage, using it for fuel! 

See, intermittent fasting lowers your baseline insulin level, meaning you’ll store less in the form of fat, and use more for energy! Aka: You’ll lose weight. Then, extended fasting can actually lower your insulin levels enough to reverse insulin resistance, thus reversing Type 2 Diabetes.

What this means:

Everything they’ve told you about bacon is wrong. You can eat it up, and you can lose weight. Protein (in moderation) and high fat foods are your friends.

One small step is all it takes to get started. If you’re excited to begin your journey, but wary about jumping into the fasting pool… Begin by dipping your toe in the water!

Your challenge: Skip breakfast tomorrow. 

You’ll have already slept for (hopefully) 8 hours and spent some time before bed not eating… If you skip breakfast, you’ll have a 12+ hour fast under your belt with ease!

Test the waters with the support of the IDM community! 

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Fasting is free, support is priceless. Head over to IDM - they provide the support, education, and guidance necessary to help you achieve successful weight-loss and reverse your type 2 diabetes naturally through simple lifestyle modifications. No medications. No supplements. No surgeries.


Happy fasting!