Weight Loss: More Than Just a Number on a Scale

Yes, watching the number on the scale go down is incredible. But, sometimes, it’s the other wins that mean more!

What are some of your weight loss milestones that make you happy, feel amazing and incredible? Share with us in the comments.

Here’s Eve’s:

This dress is a size large and by my standards it's not even that tight, which is quite amazing because I have an affinity for tight dresses. I'm wearing a size large dress, I have pants now that are size 12. You know what these numbers say to me? Not plus size, I am normal size. The highest weight I've ever been in 300 pounds, so for over 20 years now I have been shopping in plus-size departments and plus-size stores. And let me speak to you about 20 years of experience from that, it sucks, it really sucks. It's gotten better over the years, with better choices and fashion, but as a whole I always felt like I had to go into a store that was special or a little different. And this was probably the only area of my life that I just wanted to be freaking normal.

So because of keto and low-carb and intermittent fasting and extended fasting for seven, eight months now, I, for the first time in my life, have reached an extended period of being overweight. I am simply overweight now. I just got to 184 pounds and I'm no longer obese, and I feel like a badass. One of the coolest things has been being able to go into stores and buy a size large, or even a size extra large, at a normal store. It's something I have looked forward to forever and, at 44 years old, am finally getting to do.

So tell me about your success. What is something that is not just the number on the scale that has made you feel like you've reached another part of your health journey? I totally want to hear about it.