Jenna Jameson Admits ‘Weight Loss Doesn’t Fix Everything’ After Losing 80 Lbs. with Keto


Losing weight through fasting and keto is wonderful but losing weight in any way will never solve all of your problems. So many of us enter into weight loss strategies expecting to get thin, hot and perfect. The truth is, you are likely as perfect as you will ever be and we think you are pretty wonderful at this very moment. Sure, you can improve your body and health and we are all for that. But give yourself some credit for being who you are right now at this very moment because we suspect there are some truly incredible things about you. 

Having a fit body will not solve all of your problems. It will improve your health and confidence and enable you to more directly deal with exactly what you want to accomplish in life. You deserve whatever your heart desires and there is no reason your can't start getting closer to your wonderfully imperfect life today!

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