Scientific Studies: More Than a Headline

We see it everyday; you see it every day. Sexy, attention grabbing headlines in the news with the latest and greatest scientific study about nutrition, medical research, coffee, alcohol and everything under the sun. Often times, over time, the headlines contradict themselves and we are left confused, with much misinformation and feeling unsure of how to take control of our health.

At this point, we know not to trust to headlines, but to look deeper into the study to find the real answers. But how?

Out friends over at Diet Doctor pulled together is incredible guide on how to digest and understand these studies, and which ones are the strongest evidenced based approach.

Most of the studies used to connect foods to chronic diseases are observational studies, not experimental ones. While these are far cheaper and easier to do, they can very rarely prove anything at all.

Here’s the guide in full, originally from Diet Doctor.