Response to Article "The Keto Diet Crushed My Soul But Taught Me One Good Thing" by Molly Bradley on Healthyish

I’ve just returned from Low Carb Houston which was an amazing conference with incredible speakers, researchers, journalists, enthusiasts, success stories and doctors all praising the keto and low carb way of eating. Although I’ve been pretty dang keto for almost a year and thought I knew a few things, I couldn’t believe how much more I had to learn. After three days of science and inspiring stories, I was having a hard time remembering why anyone would decide against keto. And then, I read Molly Bradley’s blog on Bon Appetit entitled “The Keto Diet Crushed My Soul But Taught Me One Good Thing”.

Molly does a brilliant job at walking us through the hell that is the three months of keto she endured. I suggest you read it in her own words but it perfectly describes the hell most people go through to commit fully to keto with their family, friends and partner. She decides that in end, keto is not for her but in the process she discovers a new-found appreciation for foods she had once feared.

You might be surprised to see me praise Ms. Bradley’s article against adopting keto permanently but I think it is brilliant. I am a fan of keto, low carb and fasting and created this site to help people discover if these methods might be right in helping them lose weight and become healthier. However, I fully admit this is not the answer for everyone. No one can find their personal path to health without choosing it for themselves.

At Low Carb Houston, after an incredible presentation on all the reasons low carb was wonderful at helping people lose weight and get healthier, Andreas Eenfeldt, owner of, the most popular low carb site on the internet asked and answered, “Is low carb right for everyone? No, it isn’t.”

So here’s to you Molly, for trying something new, learning it wasn’t for you and discovering a way to feel better about the food you do eat. The key is that if you are unhappy with your weight and your body, stop doing the same crap over and over. Try something new, give yourself enough time to discover the results. Make your own decisions about the right path for you and then burn up that path with passion like the fiery beast you are!

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