From European Scientist: Do statins really work?

It’s always tough to know what health advice to follow. Sometimes even properly conducted independent research can lead down the wrong path. That is the nature of scientific research. Everything should be questioned all the time.

In March of this year European Scientist published a lengthy and carefully footnoted article covering the topic of cholesterol and specifically the development and use of statins to combat high cholesterol and heart disease. Their conclusions make the article worth the read.

It’s been almost 35 years since scientists Brown and Goldstein won the Nobel prize for discovering how blood cholesterol played a central role in development of heart disease. It was their work that led to pharmaceutical industry developing statins.


However, their prophecy was never fulfilled. On the contrary the decades long campaign to lower cholesterol through diet and drugs has completely and utterly failed to curb the global pandemic of heart disease. Indeed, heart disease still remains the biggest killer in the western world and the UK has recently seen a rise in death rates from the condition for the first time in 50 years[3].

Read the full article in European Scientist.