12 Jokes That Only Keto Dieters Will Understand

We collected the funniest keto jokes from around the internet to show you that keto dieters are healthier AND funnier than everybody else.

1. It’s definitely harder than you thought to get excited about *certain* vegetables

2. You can’t help it, you just love bringing up your keto to anyone who will listen

3. You know how good it makes you feel and want to get everyone on board

4. Cauliflower and murder shows just don’t always cut it

5. You’re doing your best and definitely don’t need judgment about your cheat foods

6. Sometimes it’ll have some of your fave carbs feeling lonely

7. And honestly, you’re gonna celebrate any little victory you can get

8. It means some of your favorite foods have to stay on the shelf

9. Some reasons for starting are pettier than others

10. Sometimes it means picking a favorite food and sticking by it, even if that makes you look crazy

11. And Susan from work definitely needs to give it a rest with the doughnuts

12. But at the end of the day, you know you do Keto because it makes you feel like a princess (or prince!)