ICYMI: High-profile ad urges low-carb approach to dietary guidelines

More than 50 US doctors have signed a prominent ad placed in both The New York Times and The Washington Post advocating for a low-carb approach to the new dietary guidelines.

The ad appeared July 9, the day before the next round of scientific meetings and deliberations about the guidelines were to start, July 10 and 11, in Washington D.C.

Spearheaded and paid for by Atkins Nutritionals, the company founded by Dr. Robert Atkins who popularized the low-carb “Atkins” diet in the 1970s, the ad was signed by many high-profile, low-carb doctors including Jeffry Gerber, Sarah Hallberg, David Diamond, Eric Westman and more.

View the ad and read the article in it’s entirety over at Diet Doctor.