A Day in the Life: What Bridgette Ate For a Day

It’s rare these days that I eat 3 meals a day - I opt to skip breakfast and fast for 16 hours, allowing an 8 hour eating window. But hey ya know, some days I just really want some bacon to start the day. Can I get an AMEN? ((Amens to myself)) But, lucky you today I decided to eat three meals - you’re welcome. I hope that perhaps this post gives you ideas, recommendations and insights to you on how to a) start keto b) mix-up keto and/or c) provide some meal ideas that you might be interested in trying.

I don’t count macros. I don’t find it to be a valuable use of my time and energy, I choose to monitor my carbs and attempt to stay under ~20-30 grams per day. You might feel differently, and hey - you do you boo boo.

I don’t snack, there’s really no need for me to and if you need to you’re most likely eating the wrong food groups (eat more fat) that send you unreliable hunger signals (carbs). You might feel differently, and hey - you do you boo boo.

Here’s what I ate in a day:



Black coffee (is there really any other way?!?!)

2 eggs over easy, cooked in butter

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus (butter, coconut aminos, S&P)

Avocado topped with pink salt



Bunless bacon cheese burger

Spinach, avo, cheese, S&P salad with ranch

One bacon wrapped, cream cheese stuffed jalapeno



Okay, look. Sometimes we’re all lazy and not feelin’ it. When that happens to me, this is my JAM Y’ALL. Easy, simple, delicious, satisfying.




Parmesan crips with various dips


Dark chocolate


There you have it, my friends.